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Colorful attractive fresh and natural, is the light that gives this helpful, strong and beautiful wood, pose a color that inspires the gold and that is 100% natural, itself is a yellow to golden brown color. The Garapa, commonly known in his native Brazil ash, is found mostly in the forests of South America, but especially is a resource found in Brazil. It is a type of highly resistant wood recommended for outdoor deployment or outdoors, since it does not require continuous and arduous maintenance, or chemical processes to keep it shiny or prevent deterioration. By its cute appearance and high resistance, it is not necessary to apply sealants with the passage of time. Garapa is sufficiently strong as to tolerate scratches, rot, wood chips and even the fire, without requiring special treatments, all these benefits are provided in a natural way. It is fine-grained, colorful friendly in Golden hue, and it is also considered a low-cost material, making it an acquisition option for the users. It has been shown that this material constantly exposed to sunlight offers its hue Golden in its maximum expression, so it is common and recommended to apply this resource in open spaces where the incidence of sunlight is directly as terraces, and in turn avoid being a material extremely hot to the touch.

Required processes arduous for proper installation, and even for the best choice of the space where it needs to be implemented, and similar to other wood used for comforters need certain previous cuts, drying and ventilation, all this in order to provide the greatest and best enjoyment of this valuable natural resource.

Garapa is inexpensive!

This elegant wood, frequently used for roofs, trades at very low costs, whereas in the same way a material of great benefit, high durability, density, and elegance, for those who use it to generate no doubt a great satisfaction with this election.

Garapa is low cost.

Where can I use Garapa?

It is a high density wood, of great strength and durability, 100% natural capable of providing more than 30 years of life without the need to apply chemical preservatives for its proper functioning. It can be implemented in interiors, however, is a material of great attractiveness for its pleasant golden color that can be harnessed for use in exterior, where the high incidence of sunlight will look a color more vibrant and versatile, and it is recommended to be implemented for applications of floors, terraces, coatings/coverings, docks and boat building.

Garapa ideal for floors terraces and more exterior applications.

Garapa is easier to work!

Compared to other Woods classified with the durability and density of the Garapa, this is a material much more easy to work, because it tends to yield to the courts in a more practical way. It is a wood without smell, that has not yielded reactions toxic or severe allergic frequently.

Garapa it’s more easy tan other Woods.

26% Harder than Red Oak.

The benefits provided by the Garapa are highly favorable for who decides to make use of this wood where you need it. One of the most renowned and important is the hardness of this natural resource, because it is a guarantee of its durability and stability over time, which provides a satisfactory investment. In addition, its nature resists scratches and prevents application of preservative chemicals for maintenance over time, is highly resistant to rot

26 Harder than Red Oak.

Technical Specifications:

*Janka hardness is 1631, 26% harder than red oak (Janka 1210)

*Average weight is 54 pounds per cubic foot, comparable to Brazilian cherry..

*Flexural strength is 12,900 PSI.

Atractive color for many sites.


*Resistant to rot

*Any necessary annual sealer for natural patina.

*Periodic maintenance for the dyeing material

No chemical treatments

Naturally scratch-resistant

Service life of 30 years without preservatives

Lower cost than the IPE

Garapa is very resistant.